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The Wings Family

Wings Sober House Ministries

Recovery Ministry

The main focus at the Sober House Recovery Program is guided through biblical counseling, studies and understanding thereof to place in practical life experience.

Through the guidance of 4 experienced in-house councilors and 2 external counselors we are able to work through recovery programs, biblical counseling to deal with past hurts and hang ups that are the stumbling blocks that hinder the recovery process.

It is through a new mind, a new way of living that we achieve sobriety and freedom to live a Christ like life and become productive and contributing member of society.

The ministry Includes:

  • Celebrate Recovery
  • Church Attendance and Participation
  • Morning Biblical Devotional Sessions
  • Evening Biblical Devotional Sessions
  • Biblical Group Counseling
  • Biblical Individual Counseling
  • Recovery / Spiritual Orientated Activities

Life On Life's Terms

We encourage members to look at their lives in terms of past behaviours and lack of personal boundaries whereby this enables the change to take place and start placing new values and principles to work towards.

From old to new... a solution to a problem can never be set in place unless one becomes aware of the shortcomings and problems that the solution needs to be placed.

Life of life's terms is the best way to confront these issues first hand with the guidance of the support structures.

Our Training Covers:

  • Counseling
  • Accountability Partners
  • Brotherhood
  • Values
  • Morals
  • Principles
  • Consequences
  • Boundaries

Vocational Ministry

Most addicts have either lost their jobs, careers and work ethic enthusiasm or their jobs are on the line due to the effects of addiction - with this in mind we minister and counsel members to get their vocational lives back on track through the correct channels and mindset.

Life in recovery can be daunting, however we firmly believe that part of the recovery process is to gain confidence, become self sufficient and productive members of society and to their families.

Having a career/ job instills a sense of maturity and responsibility which are vital attributes in solid recovery.

We assist with members getting their CV's in order, set out job application platforms and encourage continuous activity in search of the correct job placement.

For members that have never been employed or specialized in any field of work we have set up a Teaching Centre whereby members go through a couple of teaching courses to become accredited online English teachers. they can teach from the safety of the facility and kick-start their vocational lives.

​As life would have it, jobs come with their challenges and issues that need to be dealt with and our counseling team assists with members to overcome and learn ways to deal with their daily stresses within the work environment.

Family Support Ministry

Addiction is not an isolated problem! The entire family and friends group suffer too. Both the addict and the family / friends group needs just as much healing as the addict.

  • Family Relationships
  • Relationships
  • Marriages
  • Father Children Relations
  • Friendships

Part of the healing process requires for all parties concerned to become aware of the recovery process, the do's and the dont's, boundaries and accountability.

Our team of councilors offer counseling to the family individually and conjoint to work through unresolved issues as well as recovery and healing related counseling.

Family days are facilitated and done regularly to promote healthy interactions that are conducive towards breakthrough.

Family restoration is absolutely vital in the journey.

Pastoral Support

Everyone needs a spiritual mentor in order to dig a little deeper with intimate issues and struggles. Vulnerability is a strength in this facet of recovery - to feel safe and trust an elder or mentor to seek further guidance and breakthrough.

We are part of Church ministry whereby we have pastoral support available to us and encourage the members to get involved.

This type of ministry is facilitated at the Sober Home every Monday evening in group format.

Adhoc individual Pastoral support is arranged by appointment and through the church.

Members are encouraged to take responsibility for their recovery by seeking an elder at the church to begin their journey with discipleship.

Volunteer Groups

Part of the recovery process at Wings includes selfless service and giving back to the community. Under the Wings umbrella we manage the following organisations whereby members are encouraged and included to volunteer:

Wings Sober House

  • Giving Back To New Members
  • ​Kitchen​​
  • Daily Operations

Dorahs Ark Orphanage

  • Charity Volunteer Work​
  • Charity Drives
  • Time with the children

Wings Elderly Care Centre

  • Charity Volunteer Work​
  • Charity Drives
  • Time with the elderly

Wings Mpumalanga Play School

  • Charity Volunteer Work​

Wings Soup Kitchen

  • Charity Volunteer Work​

Wingsof Inspiration Non-Profit Company

  • Operations​
  • Drives & Initiatives
  • Volunteer Work

The selfless service and giving back enables members to become more compassionate and understanding that life is a gift and should not be taken for granted. It also encourages members to become beacons of light and hope - to be testimonies of Gods great work and blessings.

Through one persons successful recovery you are living proof that God is Great and through Christ all things in life are possible. Even being a light of hope to the next brother who is desperately reaching out for recovery.